Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the egg's sunny side

Redemption of the Egg  
We endeavor to be more self sufficient by producing foodstuffs at home instead of relying on outside sources. Our general home-'n-stead plan is to produce, for ourselves, the main players in our daily eating.
Our focus is on food that is fulfilling, flavorful, and fortifying. 

Eggs are a main food of focus.

Emerging light on how eggs fortify... Stephanie Seneff, Senior MIT Research Scientist, proposes that diets deficient in dietary cholesterol, along with sulfur and sunshine, contribute to the development of chronic disease states. 

From ...A Possible Contributing Factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue, by Stephanie Seneff, PhD ... Modern lifestyle practices conspire to induce major deficiencies in cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D3 sulfate. We are encouraged to actively avoid sun exposure and to minimize dietary intake of cholesterol-containing foods. We are encouraged to consume a high-carbohydrate, lowfat diet which, as I have argued previously,34 leads to impaired cholesterol uptake in cells. Fortunately, correcting these deficiencies at the individual level is easy and straightforward. If you just throw away the sunscreen and eat more eggs, those two steps alone may greatly increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. source: Weston A Price Foundation

Dr. Seneff's investigation into the body's response to low cholesterol and sulfur availability is brilliant and complex (I can only handle a bite at a time and each bite requires some chewing); but the take home message is simple and appealing... Plenty of dietary sulfur, plenty of dietary cholesterol, plenty of sun exposure. source: Cholesterol, Sulfur, Lactate, and Sunlight: a New Paradigm for Health

contents: cholesterol, sulfur, vitamin D3, choline...

I'm left with the feeling that cholesterol is getting the bad rap for sugar's role in arterial plaque formation... sugar injures the arterial wall... cholesterol is a player in the repair. Promoting interventions that serve to control what is causing the damage in the first place seems to make more sense than the prevailing course of action that is focused on reducing cholesterol? It appears to me that we've nabbed the wrong guy.

Letters of a Women Homesteader endorses eggs & sunshine. It's a gem & it's FREE via Kindle!

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