Wednesday, March 28, 2012

day off doings

Day-Off Eve I prepared crackers per Mark's Primal Cracker Recipe. Instead of parchment paper I applied the cracker dough (used ~1.75 cups of almond flour) directly to a greased baking sheet... they foam when they cook. Taking them out when still blondish (brown at edges) had the best result... they reached cracker quality while cooling. I then added sea salt to taste...

Stinging nettle iced tea is my Springtime tonic... it thwarts histamine flare ups that occur after working outside this time of year. Using dried loose leaves (bought in bulk), I construct a tea bag by filling a #4 coffee filter with the leaves and machine sewing it shut. I add the bag to boiling h20, let it cool/steep on the counter for several hours, and then place in fridge (I usually don't remove the bag until it gets in my way). Flavor is grassy- in a good way. To this batch I added some mint (from the garden, dried in my dehydrator). For another take on the make (and prettier pics) see FarmgirlCyn's Stinging Nettle Tea

Cranked up the crockpot... for a pastured pork shoulder roast pepperoncini prepped (roast, garlic, jar of pepperoncinis, low 6 hours). It's nice to be able to park the crockpot outside... although it does attract the chickens to the porch.
 I've also been perusing the Wheat Belly Blog today... Dr. Davis' posts are very readable and are full of valuable information.

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